Letters from Accra

A short collection of poems written during the Chale Wote festivities in Accra (Ghana), 2019


I do not know where
I truly do come from
my soul does
beat, and hiss, and hum

my heart
proves a crooked drum
I seek no validation

nor look to beg, "please"
my nation is a country
that knows not that it is


rainbows from the sun
love that's always born
a sacred need
true wonder indeed

can make you smile
from, where I'm from


welcome to the land
of simple dreams
and wonders kind.

welcome to the home
of peace, of bliss
of kings, of queens


jungle style
bust a whine, for a while
potential stallion
give you a ride
for a mile

a riddle, and a fable
a truth and a lie
nothing dark or ugly
I'll give you smiles
far enough
to rival, the Nile


the way the wind
does float, does dance
and sing
you would think
it knows true rhythm

but all it does
is call, and listen

Son of the Soil

the man of the moon
dark and light
with a soul
always at noon

he calls the sun
and runs from none
he proves the native
the solemn one

Thanks for reading. I hope this brought you light and energy.